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The Soleus & Muscle Forces During Running

Muscle Forces During Running🏃‍♀️

These are the two numbers that I remember surprising me the most at one of @chrisjohnsonthept seminars with a similar slide!

As runners we are often focused on glutes and hip stability. This is absolutely important for running mechanics, but how often do we completely ignore the rest of the leg on strength day (If we are even one of those runners that HAS a strength day)🏋️‍♀️

The Soleus muscle takes on a force of 6.5-8x our body weight during running! That is a lot of force! And while soleus strength has been going through its resurgence as an exercise fad lately, it is for sure not an area to be ignored, especially if you're injury prone in this region and have never ever loaded it.🤸

The plantar-flexors are also largely responsible for most of the ground reaction forces in the propulsion phase of running. Meaning that in order to run faster, you have to push the ground away harder using the force that these muscles generate, so you might want to increase their ability to handle doing so!👏 #dontskiplegday

📸: @westcoastspeedshop

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