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I first found chiropractic as a chronically injured competitive collegiate runner. It was the first time a practitioner took the time to look at my biomechanics and movement as a whole rather than tell me to stop moving. While injuries in life are inevitable and often unavoidable, there is often a path to reducing that rate in the future as well as speeding up your recovery time during the injury. Gaining this knowledge became my passion and I love to pass it on to my patients as they heal with my guidance.

I received my bachelors in Human Biology at The University of Albany, NY close to my hometown of Saratoga Springs. I moved out to Portland to pursue my Doctorate in Chiropractic concurrently with my Master in Sports Medicine. Through my Masters program I gained experience treating elite and amateur athletes from all backgrounds of sport; ranging from the Canby Rodeo, Seaside beach volleyball, triathletes, marathoners and more. I have special certifications in Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization for the running athlete, Clinical Athlete weightlifting movement assessment, Active release technique, Rock taping for performance, Healthy running for advanced running form, dermal traction technique, and Motion Palpation Diversified Adjusting technique for extremities and the spine.

One of my favorite quotes is “If you have a body, you’re an athlete,” by Bill Bowerman. While I take a special interest in sports medicine, the techniques I learned have made me a specialist in the way people move in everyday life. A typical visit with me would first include a thorough health history listening to all of your goals to make sure my care is fitting your personal needs. Next a screen of certain movement patterns and the spine to analyze which muscles and joints up and down the kinetic chain may need attention. My therapies include diversified adjusting, cupping, manual therapy techniques, taping, and very often prescribing at home rehab. I believe the best thing I can give a patient is empowerment to take control of their pain and feeling heard while being given hope that there is a solution out there to your long time injuries.

When not practicing, I enjoy running with my teammates at Rose City Track Club, reading sci-fi books, and playing with my dog, Poppy, at Mount Tabor.

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