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 My philosophy is to help runners become more in tune with the connection between their mind and body. I want to facilitate awareness to the patterns of overtraining and lack of recovery that lead to constant injury and anxiety within a sport that, in all of our roots, started full of joy. We are humans, not machines, and a good training & treatment plan should adapt with your weekly stress and changing goals. With the above focuses I believe your ability to PR or even just to hold a healthy consistent training cycle becomes much easier and more enjoyable to achieve. I am passionate to continue supporting you through the ever changing art and science of coaching & chiropractic while working towards your goals.

Plan Details

This service is perfect for runners that have "graduated" from their clinical injury care but need continued support in safely returning to run. This is also meant for runners who have been on a long hiatus and would like to return to running with guidance on healthy habits and base mileage. 

200$ per month

- 2 month minimum commitment preferred 

-1 Hour long initial consultation discussing your current goals, past running history, injury history, and to answer and questions you may have. 

-Monthly phone or in clinic check in's to deep dive into how things are feeling and progressing as well as answer any questions or concerns (20-40min)

-Weekly work out plans delivered via final surge.

-Weekly email or txt communication to modify workouts or training as needed.

- Ongoing advice on proper warm up, drills, recovery, form techniques, cadence, visualizations, and other ancillary running/stress relieving techniques as needed. 

- Access to a professional referral network of Physical Therapists, Acupuncturist, and other Sports Medicine professionals when needed.


Feel free to contact me with any questions, using this form, prior to setting up a coaching appointment.

2455 NW Marshall St suite 7B, Portland, OR 97210


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