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Running tips for beginners- Footwear

This is a very common question from newer runners! Running shoes can definitely be an important part of picking up running. The wrong pair of shoes can adversely affect lower extremity alignment and lead to an increased risk of injury. Some runners will need more stability while others feel better with cushioning.

Speciality running shoe stores do a great job helping you to pick options that may work for you. However, as complicated as shoe selection can get, the research shows that the BEST indicator that a running shoe is right for you is comfort level. That's it. So if you try on a shoe option that is supposed to be good for your foot type but it feels uncomfortable on your trial run, don't commit to it and try another. Most stores will let you go for a jog in the shoes before buying or return after a few days if they aren't feeling great after a small break in period. So once again, the theme of “listening to your body” plays a key role in shoe selection as well!

Another thing to keep in mind, is that while choosing a good shoe is important, it is not usually the solution to all of your running aches and pains. Taking care of your body is much more important than what pair of shoes you run in. Thinking a shoe can fix a recurring injury is putting the cart before the horse. A good goal is to become stronger and more adaptable so you are able to run in multiple different pairs of shoes throughout training without feeling vulnerable to injury.


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